Real Estate Law, Business Law and Estate Planning Attorney

Serving clients in the Sarasota area and throughout Florida.

Real Estate Law, Business Law
and Estate Planning Attorney

Serving clients throughout Florida.

Bradley W. Hogreve, P.A. - Sarasota Real Estate Law, Business Law and Estate Planning Attorney

Bradley W. Hogreve, P.A.

Dedicated Sarasota Law Firm Helping Clients Pursue Commercial Interests and Plan Their Estates

Bradley W. Hogreve, P.A. is a well-established real estate, estate planning and business law firm located in downtown Sarasota, Florida. Mr. Hogreve has over 30 years of experience offering legal services to clients throughout Florida. Our business practice focuses on corporate law and commercial lending. Our real estate practice covers both commercial and residential transactions. We also offer estate planning services such as drafting wills and trusts, and assisting in probate and estate administration.

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Our firm’s attorney has experience in the following areas of practice:

business law attorney Sarasota

Business Law

real estate law attorney Sarasota

Real Estate Law

estate planning attorney Sarasota

Estate Planning

Bradley W. Hogreve is an accomplished Florida Attorney dedicated to providing quality representation to clients throughout Florida.

Business law — For those Floridians engaged in or contemplating starting a commercial enterprise, our firm offers support in various areas of corporate law, including skilled counsel on banking matters, entity creation, and commercial lending.

Real estate — Our firm offers a variety of services to clients looking for assistance with commercial real estate transactions or looking to buy or sell residential real estate. We also provide guidance on title insurance matters and assist landlords or tenants by reviewing commercial leases and helping to resolve disputes that may arise.

Estate planning — Although end of life decisions can be difficult to discuss, drafting the proper estate planning documents such as wills and trusts can help ensure that your wishes are honored, and your loved ones’ futures are protected. We also help clients comply with all of the duties of an executor or administrator and guide them through the probate and estate administration process.

Bradley W. Hogreve, P.A. — well-equipped to provide you with the counsel you deserve.

residential real estate transactions Bradley W. Hogreve P.A., Sarasota

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Legal Council Bradley W. Hogreve P.A.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Title Insurance Bradley W. Hogreve P.A., Sarasota

Title Insurance

commercial landlord tenant law Sarasota legal council

Landlord-Tenant Law

commercial lending legal council Sarasota lawyer

Commercial Lending

Banking Law for Institutions Legal Council Bradley W. Hogreve P.A. Sarasota

Banking Law for Institutions

Corporate Law Legal Council Bradley W. Hogreve P.A. Sarasota

Corporate Law

Estate Planning Legal Council Bradley W. Hogreve P.A. Sarasota

Estate Planning

Probate and Estate Administration Bradley W. Hogreve P.A. Sarasota

Probate & Estate Administration

Wills - Preparing Wills - Bradley W. Hogreve P.A. Sarasota


Bradley W Hogreve PA - real estate and estate planning lawyer Sarasota FL

Bradley W. Hogreve, P.A.

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